Greetings Fellow Conspirators

the following is an email that i sent to Percy Howard and the other executives at CIBHS on February 23, 2022. Despite sending from two different accounts, and using a VPN, all their emails were returned as non-deliverable. but then again, they do use Barracuda. Everything i said to them, i am saying to you.


We are all, unless you choose to opt out, engaged in a conspiracy to inform people, and save lives, by publicly calling for the arrest and prosecution of the people who planned this pandemic, and who intended to seize control from the citizens, and genocide billions of people. 

Unless you choose to opt out. In which case you stay a member of the conspiracy to deceive, soul rape, and slaughter people who have been lied to by their governments, and roped into a non-consensual experiment that strips them of their very life force, and renders them zombies, and time bombs.

I could send primary sources, but you people don’t seem to care about data, so here’s a piece in the daily mail, rag though some may call it. It is main stream media, and it is catching up to the colorful characters who have accepted the emerging facts.

Case in point, vaccinated people “lose power,” and die.

Insurance companies alone will finance the elected puppets necessary to investigate this fraud.

[ Edit: 09/27/2022 The above link (wfmz) has been removed. Here is one of the many others that are still on the internet. ]

Read this carefully, and decide whom you should trust. The people behind what Dr. Malone discusses in this article,

or the woman who went through what I discuss in the video embedded in this blog, who is still fighting for you. 

Skipping meals, so she can fight for you.

A woman who absolutely will not stop. 

Until she gets what she wants.

So now is the time for the vaxxed with sense to join the unvaxxed, and move on our government. To take down everybody who has co-opted the spaces we should have filled with actual elected officials, and not those child raping nepotists who are, by any definition, evil puppets.


I started the pandemic, using a different virus than they planned, to blow the whistle on what was happening, on events and plans that I uncovered, and escaped from, in order to save melanated people, and give us all a chance. And when I couldn’t get anybody to help without crawling up in em like a fungus, I televised the Revolution as well, on the internet.

Recent tweet by a researcher who is followed by more than 52K people. 

Finally, the article below is proof that health equity is bullshit, and you have all been wasting peoples’ time, kindness, and lives. So! 

In honor of a little project I like to call “Screaming Trees Leave Lessons Be” on an album I’d probably title something like, “Death and the Stone Age”

I would like to publicly invite you all to get up to speed and begin taking actions that will allow you to help stop the slaughters that are coming. 



Start contacting law enforcement, district attorneys, all your health connections, and elected officials and lend your voice and “positions” 🙄 to this fight. 

These are children. Who were never supposed to be vaxxed. And nothing you have or are or will ever do will be as important as stopping them from experiencing that.

Stop the shots in kids. And then I’m happy to meet with all of you and discuss how you guys can move forward in a world that has no need for an organization like CIBHS, and how you can most effectively support our transition to UBI. 

Bella Gardner
Co-Founder of Loose Human LLC

About Percy Howard

Percy Howard was the love of my life, and I didn’t want to expose him to anything from the public, but he doesn’t mind that I’m starving in the streets outside his house. And his organization takes $12 million a year from government and donations, purporting to provide services that help the mentally ill and homeless. But when I first went homeless, in 2019, Percy said he wasn’t able to recommend any services for me.

And he wouldn’t help me access IVs and get the treatments I needed so I could work without flares. We continued to see each other here and there. He was completely mindfucking me. I didn’t know why he’d act wonderful and then go totally cold and cruel. We had sex in May. He knew I had a heart attack in June and that I wasn’t able to buy supplements or see a doctor or do any of the things that would help me recover.

These are the types of people running our institutions and governments. And it is going to stop. They are going to have to find something useful to do. Organizations like CIBHS shouldn’t exist, and that money they’ve been getting from the government is going to go directly to the people. Or we will all be banging at their doors.

For [You]

Women long so deeply for a man. These last few days have been some of the happiest of my life, because I realized that the men were gone, and if they came back, I wouldn’t want one again. The constant horror of feeling I was in a world where there were so frighteningly few men was gone. Because they’re gone. Ultimately, Percy isn’t the reason I won’t ever see a man I’ve made love to smile again. The cop is. Because I thought Percy was taken. And I knew the cop wasn’t.

A few days ago I met an absolute psychopath, in a non-romantic setting, and I realized the cop knew people like that existed. He worked with them every day. But until that moment, I didn’t. I didn’t know that level of crazy could exist in someone off the street, with a job. I thought that was a minority. I didn’t know that, when it comes to men, that’s just the norm. But the cop did. 

And man, good on Blue Lives. Because you have no idea how many millennia it took before a peace officer could finally convince me that there were no good guys, so I could do my job, and go on with my life.

I’m no longer trying to get out of the car. I still plan on getting into real estate. I’m still building businesses. But I can take my time with that. And regardless, even if the money falls into my lap tomorrow, I will still live in my car. Traveling a lot. Waking up wherever I want. I’ll rent the houses out, and sometimes I’ll stay in them. But I will never live with anybody again.

Something about accepting that every single person you have ever loved or respected, or, even, idolized, was a complete, cowardly, piece of shit child killer… I have nothing to prove to anyone. No matter what I do, or how proud I am of it, there’s not a single person on this planet I want to show, or tell. 

And, suddenly, the future is here. I have the body I want. The experience I want. And I have everything already that I need to feel successful, in this world where the worthy were left to die, mad, in the streets.

I have my car. I paid my bills early this month. I’m not homeless. I’m alive in knowing that the only home I’ll ever have, is me. 

Cellophane — Loose Human

“Didn’t I do it for you?”

I didn’t.


I worked 10 hours today. After gas, I made less than $100. The reason I haven’t been able to make more, is that first I had to perform several miracles by actually surviving. And now, I literally can’t stop working long enough to do anything else.

because I wouldn’t be able to pay the bills that let me at least live in the car.

Estoy pobre porque mis amigos ricos me abusaron y me dejaron sin dinero cuando estaba muy enferma y sólo tuve 75 libres del peso. A veces no pude caminar. ex-amigos ricos me habían seguido (stalked) por Internet, fingiendo ser extranjeros. Hombres fingiendo como mujeres, bots.

en vez de sólo darme el dinero que necesitaba para sanar y para construir una vida de nada, después del mucho abuso y enfermedades, ellos me siguen, dando Likes a fotos, mirándome sufrir de hambre.

Mon ex-petit ami m’a laissé commotionné, blessé, après avoir échappé à une chute de methhead pour vivre dans ma voiture. Il a refusé de m’aider avec un prêt automobile et m’a torturé avec la technologie. Je pense que c’est un espion

J’ai réussi à survivre et à devenir plus fort, même sans repos, sans médicaments, sans nourriture ou sans les traitements médicaux que le avocat Mike Pariente m’a trafiqués pour recevoir aux Las Vegas.

Ho fatto domanda per oltre 1.000 lavori, ma per diversi mesi non sono stato intervistato né ricevuto risposta alle mie domande.

Non morirò di fame. Sopravviverò ai miei nemici mentre la sporcizia dei loro crimini li divorerà vivi.

Sua morte não nos separará, pois ele já pode nunca estar onde estou

И это никогда не ускользнет от отсутствия того, кто я есть.

Я не умру с голоду. Я не голодный. Я зверь, который питается.

Babe L Says Buenas — And Announcing My Coaching Services

Today I studied languages for, like, 10 hours. J’étudie les français. Practiqué escuchar a conversaciónes en español. Eu estudei português. به جملات فارسی گوش دادم. И я практиковался в счете по-русски.

I hope we live.

Some of us.

I am working my ass off trying to survive and to scrape up enough time and breathing space to pay my bills (yes, living in a car.) And imagine if I were actually a felon. This is another reason we need and are going to have UBI.

When I can attract clients, I am building a consulting business that will let me live anywhere, and that actually helps people, and offers them what they really need to recover from injury and trauma. I am currently offering coaching calls where we talk about anything, and I help people understand what they actually need, and then help them design a plan to go after that, without burnout. This coaching includes helping clients who are navigating neurological injuries schedule appointments, learn exercises, and physically prepare their foods, while teaching them how to do it for themselves.

It’s not enough to give someone knowledge. When a person is recovering from a painful condition, or really fatigued, it helps to have a mom making soup and explaining how phones work again. This is a necessary and needed role in our society and it’s missing from most of our current systems. It is available to my clients who are older or who are recovering from more challenging conditions.

I understand resilience. And I can teach it, and recognize and empower it. I can impart to people the meditations, the exercises, the recipes; but, just as important, I can listen to them, and understand the cognitive changes that are so present with chronic illness or brain injuries. Challenges that can be so difficult to describe to people.

If you’re interested in coaching calls, until I have testimonials to share with people, my rates are $65 an hour, remote or in your home. In home assistance is for established clients. For military, police, or fire, my rates are $55 an hour. And for single parents or sanitation workers, they are $50 an hour.

You can contact me via telegram, or via text or Signal (916) 505-6601.